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  • The MTGEC is an interdisciplinary center which provides geriatric education and training for Montana health professionals, higher education faculty, and health professions students so that they might better meet the health needs of the older residents of the state.

  • IPHARM is an interdisciplinary program where health professions students gain experience in providing direct patient care.  IPHARM is a health screening program designed to bring disease screening services to all residents of Montana communities.

  • The UM Drug Information Service is a free resource for healthcare professionals.  Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and allied health practitioners are invited to contact us with non-emergent questions.

  • Four ASHP-accredited Pharmacy Practice (PGY1) residency positions are offered by the UM Pharmacy Practice Department.  Rotations include Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Ambulatory Care, Pain Management, and Education.


The Department of Pharmacy Practice also coordinates several distinct services to assist local practitioners and enhance the health of both UM students and Montanans.  These programs include the Drug Information ServiceImproving Health Among Rural Montanans (IPHARM), the Montana Geriatric Education Center (MTGEC), and the Health Services Pharmacy.

The Continuing Professional Education program offers current, practice-enhancing professional education programs for pharmacists and other health professionals.  The Department also offers Pharmacy Practice (PGY1) residency positions at Community Medical Center and St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, Montana.

Pharmacy Practice Faculty/Staff Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Michael Rivey Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-6796
Douglas Allington Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-2498
Donna Beall Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-4237
Annie Belcourt Assistant Professor 406-243-5454
Sherrill Brown Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Director, Drug Information Service 406-243-5299
Jean Carter Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-5780
Vince Colucci Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-4634
William Docktor Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-5713
Katherine Hale Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice, Community Pharmacy APPE Coordinator 406-243-4647
Kerry Haney Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-4493
Gayle Hudgins Director, Experiential Education - Pharmacy Practice, Professor 406-243-6495
Rose Macklin Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-327-3694
Sarah Miller Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-243-5787
Kendra Procacci Assistant Professor 406-243-2310
Lisa Venuti Clinical Laboratory Coordinator 406-243-4693
Rachael Zins IPHARM Clinical Specialist 406-243-2339
Shannon Sivertsen Administrative Associate III 406-243-4624
Lee Ann Bradley Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-329-5617
Harley Brotherton Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-863-3510
Carla Cobb Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-651-6428
Tammy Cox Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-496-6029
Denice Danz Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-447-7974
Carla Gren Clinical Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-329-5721
Amy Gruel Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy practice 406-556-5393
Kimberlee Hendryx Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice 406-493-3766


The University of Montana-Missoula Department of Pharmacy Practice 32 Campus Drive Missoula, MT 59812-4680 P: (406) 243 - 4624 F: (406) 243 - 4353 E:

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